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A moment of silent for all those in retail this holiday season.

this cartoon works at target clearly

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This was on my Facebook feed. Having been on food stamps as a child and government health care now, I am deeply offended by this and further offended that someone I know and love would post it.

This was on my Facebook feed. Having been on food stamps as a child and government health care now, I am deeply offended by this and further offended that someone I know and love would post it.





He Tumblr! Look what I found on youtube.  Enjoy!


-happy noises-



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Shay is trying so hard to convince me that her favorite color (pink) is without question better than mine (blue). It’s an interesting conversation to have with a five year old.

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A moment of silence as The Giver joins Percy Jackson in the graveyard of horrendously inaccurate movie adaptations

*His Dark Materials fandom wails softly in the distance*

*Eragon fandom shrieks from the darkest pit of hell*

*ATLA fandom watches with dead eyes*

Was it that horrible? I didn’t see it because I didn’t want to risk ruining my love of the story.

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Glorfindel pouncing on Eowyn after the War :P

(for anyone unaware, Glorfindel was the one to make the original prophecy of ‘not by the hand of man shall he fall’ concerning the witch-king)

(can someone write this please? like - glorfindel coming with the delegation from rivendell to minas tirith for the coronation and he goes to find the person who fulfilled his thousand-year-old prediction and boom it’s this awesome gal and hobbit duo)

You know Glorfindel totally met Merry in Rivendell and thought ‘Yes. You shall be part if it. You poor thing you have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.’

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Hey, remember this moment

from this post? This is where it comes into play. Mamoru knows Usagi is Sailor Moon because he recognized her as Sailor Moon at the party because she’d used the Disguise Pen. So when he saw Mako and Motoki in trouble, he knew just who to go to (I’m assuming he did some sleuthing around to know where Usagi Tsukino lived). Also, all the love for Mamoru knowing he couldn’t do anything and going to get Usagi instead. 

*unpopular opinion* I… I will confess I get that Tuxedo Kamen figured it out, but… this moment was SUPER CREEPY to me. Finding out where a girl lives, breaking into her room in the middle of the night… And Usagi doesn’t even question it. I know it’s a shoujo manga and that it was important to get Usagi to where the trouble was. *And also the fact that Tuxedo Kamen up until this point is just as useless fight-wise as usual so yeah he had to get help somewhere* but am I the only one who felt this was creepy?

Maybe I’ve gotten too old and sensible for the romantic notions of this gesture. 

No, no. You are entirely correct. That is super creepy. Mamoru is in college, isn’t he? And Usagi is, what, aroud 14? It’s creepy and, in my opinion, kind of questionable behavior. Digging around to find out where a girl (or anyone!) you KNOW is underage lives REALLY bothers me. I get that he’s a good guy and she knows that, but, yes. There is a definite gross creep factor there.

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This is a kids show.


Adventure Time demonstrates a clearer understanding of morality than 98% of the world’s adult population

And maybe those who watch this kids’ show will be better people than a lot of their peers/predecessors

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Need some help: I’ve never made troll horns before and (tbh) I’m not very crafty, unfortunately. What is an easy method for making lightweight horns? It’s just for a fantroll cosplay for while I’m passing out candy on Halloween, so they don’t need to be super involved. Any advice?

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All right, I’m putting together a short sleeved cosplay, what is a good site to order gloves from so I don’t make a mess with paint?

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